Monday, 30 November 2009

a cold monday

I brought my radio into the studio the other day, its constantly tuned to PLANET ROCK "turn up the rock". Below is a picture of my road, i like how dark and cold it is at the moment, especially when i have my super warm coat to keep me toasty, here are some MORE ideas for the Addis Berner Bear brief, i brought some hand made paper from an art sale at uni today and I'm really loving playing around with shape and pencil line, I'm considering screen print (i might have a go, but I'm awful at screen printing) I'm currently listening to Jay Farrar and Benjamin Gibbard, (especially loving California Zephyr) its one of the guys from Son's Volt and the front man from death cab, really lovely stuff, check it out. Love love xx

Busker, for George

Also my friend edd sent me a link for this amazing illustrator called Lizzy Stewart

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